Project 1: West Tarum Canal Rehabilitation - November 2013

The rehabilitation of the WTC is a sub-Project of the ICWRMIP – PFR1, with the Directorate General of Water Resources (DGWR), Ministry of Public Works (MPW) as the Executing Agency (EA) that has overall responsibility for ensuring the satisfactory planning and implementation of the project. The rehabilitation of WTC covers the first 54.4 km of the canal from the Curug Weir in Karawang District to Bekasi Weir in Bekasi City, through the Bekasi District. This document has been prepared as part of the updating process of the original draft Resettlement Plan which was prepared during the period from 2006 through May 2008 and approved by ADB in August 2008. The document also avaliable on the ADB’s website :

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