Cita-Citarum: For A Better Citarum

Over the past several years, Government agencies and non-government organizations (NGOs) participated in a series of dialogue leading to preparation of the Citarum Roadmap, a strategic plan of priority programs to improve water resources management and restore the environment in the river basin. Close to 80 interventions have been identified with an estimated cost of approximately $3.5 billion, from various financial scheme; government budget, private sector, also communities contribution sequenced over a next 15-year time frame.

The Citarum Roadmap needs a comprehensive, multi-sector and integrated approach to understanding and solving the complex problems of water and related land resources in the river basin.

Vision :
The government and community working together
for clean, healthy, and productive catchments and rivers,
bringing sustainable benefits to all people
of the Citarum River Basin.


Main Principle of Program Implementation

Implementation of the program is through coordination and stakeholder consultation. Top priority are given to the Community participation to determine their priorities, program design and implementation of programs.

The Government is preparing to implement Project 1 of the Integrated Citarum Water Resources Management Investment Program (ICWRMIP), The executing agency of Project 1 is the Directorate General of Water Resources, Ministry of Public Works through the Balai Besar Wilayah Sungai Citarum (BBWSC) in close coordination with other related ministries and institution, in national, provincial and district level.

Download leaflet Citarum River Basin, Roadmap To Better Water Management