Potential Facts

Citarum River was declared as a strategic river in Indonesia through a Presidential Decree Number 12 in the year 2012 on River Basin Territories. Citarum River Basin is a multi-provincial river basin whose management is carried out with respect to meet the raw water need of the capital of the Republic of Indonesia.

Citarum’s potential of water sources amounts to a total of 13 billion m3 a year. Of the total potential, the water sources that have been exploited amounted to 7.5 billion m3 a year (57.9% of the total) while the rest of 5.45 billion m3 a year (42.1%) has remained unexploited.  

Two National Parks, namely Mount Gede Pangrango (15,000 ha) and Mount Halimun (40,000 ha) National Parks, are located in Citarum River Basin. Mount Halimun National Park is one of the remaining tropical rainforests in the Island of Java, while Mount Gede Pangrango National Park with its thick mountainous vegetations is one of Indonesia primary rainforest areas. Mount Gede area is home to various springs whose streams, including Citarum River, travel to the Bay of Jakarta and empty into the Java Sea.

bendung curug
Curug Weir, is one of the constructions built to separate and distribute Citarum’s water through Tarum Canal for the provisions of raw water supply, industrial productions and agricultural irrigation.

Water Sources. Citarum River Basin provides raw water supply for drinking water services for domestic and industrial purposes within Bandung, Cimahi, Cianjur, Purwakarta, Bekasi, Karawang, and Jakarta areas. Jakarta’s demand for raw water of 16.1 m3 per second is supplied by Bekasi River and West Tarum Canal.

waduk jatiluhur
Jatiluhur Dam is one of the three large dams in Citarum River with a function to provide irrigation water and to generate hydroelectric power.

Citarum Dam. Citarum River Basin has 5 (five) dams including 3 (three) dams which operate hydropower stations (PLTA) namely: Saguling Hydropower Plant with a capacity of 750 MW, Cirata Hydropower Plant with a capacity of 1,000 MW, and Ir. H. Djuanda Hydropower Plant or popularly known as Jatiluhur Hydropower Plant with a capacity of 187.5 MW. Other dams are Cileunca and Cipanjuang Dams.