Partners & Stakeholders

 The development and implementation of the Citarum Roadmap involves many stakeholders and organizations. There will be broad opportunities for all sectors of society, including communities and the private sector, to take part and contribute to a better Citarum. The main stakeholders in the Investment program (ICWRMIP) are:

1. The Government of the Republic of Indonesia
The Government is the main implementer of the ICWRMIP in cooperation  with many stakeholders.  A number of ministries and related departments are involved:

a. National Development Planning Agency  (Bappenas)

b. Ministry of Public Works
c. Ministry of Mines and Energy
d. Ministry of Forestry

e. Ministry of Agriculture

f. Ministry of Health

g. Ministry of the Environment

These ministries and related departments make up the National Water Resources Steering Committee.  Coordination is carried out by various departments at the national, provincial, and regency levels.

2. Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)

Civil Society groups involved in  community empowerment programs and activities in the Citarum River Basin (CRB).

3. Private Sector
Businesses and industries active in the Citarum Basin  can make a significant contribution to support efforts to protect the environment and empower communities.. This is usually undertaken through  Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs and activities.

4. International Financing Partners:
The ICWRMIP is receiving financial support from the Asian Development Bank.