Twenty five million people depend on Citarum River


Bandung, West Java (ANTARA News) - The lives of nearly 25 million people are indirectly dependent on the Citarum River, the West Java governor, Ahmad Heryawan, said at the commemoration of the World Environment Day.

"All living creatures need water, and there are 25 million people dependent on the Citarum River to obtain foods, clean water, and to build irrigation," the governor said here Wednesday.

The commemoration of Environment Day coincides with the national river day, he said.. 

"In West Java there is a river in severe crisis that must be saved as its water is very important for our lives," the governor added.

The Citarum River Basin covers an area of approximately 13 thousand square kilometers, coming into contact with a population of nine million people.

The river provides as much as 80 percent of surface water to Jakartas water supply authority, irrigates farms that supply five percent of Indonesias rice, and is a source of water for upwards of 2,000 factories.

Unfortunately, the Citarum has been known as the most polluted river in the world.

The provincial administration is conducting a program named Citarum Bestari to save the river.

The theme of the environment day, "Go Wild for Life" is very relevant to the current condition which needs to initiate action to rescue animals and plants, the governor remarked.(*)