Drama and Dilemmas on the Banks of the Cikapundung River

By Supardiyono Sobirin*
The small Cikapundung River** intersects the city of Bandung, West Java from north to south. Its
banks are densely settled, and its water quality is poor. The need to upgrade the river and its
surroundings is broadly acknowledged, and several initiatives are in preparation.

Developing the Cikapundung Basin into a clean, pleasant and sustainable amenity is not only
achieved by physical infrastructure but should also consider non-physical and negotiable
aspects. An integrated and bottom-up approach will certainly add value as a supplement to the
traditional top-down concept.
This paper considers the preferences and concerns of development agents and the local
community. The compatibilities between them are examined by a drama and dilemma analysis,
providing information about the interaction that is required for compromise or conciliation.
It is believed that a clean and pleasant Cikapundung River can be strongly supported
The paper is an extract of a more comprehensive paper that was presented in
November 2010 in Solo at the National Seminar and Workshop of River Management in
Indonesia, organized by Center for River Basin Organizations and Management (CRBOM)
and Sungai Balai, Research Center for Water Resources, under Ministry of Public Works.
*Supardiyono Sobirin
Member, Observer Board on Forestry and Environment of West Java
Retired Head of Research Center for Human Settlements, and Research Center for
Water Resources, both under Agency for Research and Development, Ministry of
Public Works; now active as a social worker at various NGOs
(Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

**The 28 km long Cikapundung River in West Java intersects the city of Bandung from
north to south, before discharging into Citarum River just south of Bandung.
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