Facilitation Process to Open Bank Accounts

Karawang - "Sir, Is this right that your affected assets consisting of 5 square meters of terrace and 1 tree? If your answer is yes, please sign here in order to open a bank account," a facilitator named Retno told Mr. Romli, a resident of Kampung Ciherang, Wadas Village, Karawang District (26/12/13).

Mr. Romli is among the representatives of 24 Affected Households (AHs) in Wadas Village, whose data has been included by a data updating survey for West Tarum Canal (WTC) Rehabilitation held between November 2011 until March 2012. The facilitation process of bank account opening in Wadas Village and other villages in Karawang District was held in 26 December 2013 and other dates. Next areas are Bekasi District and Bekasi City.

The process is a part of a series of the ongoing preparation of the Implementation of Resettlement Plan for West Tarum Canal (WTC) Rehabilitation. This is one of the programs under the first phase of ICWRMIP Program.  The project is under supervision of Directorate of Water Resources at the Ministry of Public Works through Balai Besar Wilayah Sungai Citarum (BBWSC).

Ahead of the AHs bank account opening facilitation, a socialization on compensation values and mechanism to deal with any impacts of WTC was held earlier in 2013. It was followed by a series of workshops on the preparation of the implementation of WTC rehabilitation which was held by the central government together with 3 regional governments, namely Karawang District, Bekasi District and Bekasi City, in mid December 2013 (See related article). This facilitation process to open bank accounts along with compensation payment for affected assets is held between December 2013 and March 2014.

Photo caption: Facilitation Process of Bank Account Opening for residents of Kampung Ciherang, Wadas Village, Karawang District (26/12/13).

Bank Account Opening
Affected Households (AHs), whose data have been updated and verified, were invited to open bank accounts and sign the official report on their affected assets with details of the items and sizes. They were required to show a valid identity card (supported by an original copy of family card and a photocopy of an identity card).

"This procedure is non-transferable, AHs representative should come in person. In case of the absence of a husband to sign a bank account opening, the wife who is assigned by the husband to represent him should bring a letter of assignment signed on a seal stamp," said Ahmad Febriani, a consultant facilitator in the Resettlement Team.

Taking an example of the case of Ibu Isem, a resident of Kampung Ciherang, Wadas Village. At the time of bank account opening process in her village (26/12/13), her husband could not come in person as he had to go to work off the coast. A facilitator made an assignment letter to be signed by the husband upon returning.

Photo caption: A facilitator shows a sample of an assignment letter written by an AH that assigns a family member to attend the bank account opening process.

Every AH with a clear and correct data is to sign an official report and then proceeds to a process to open bank account for the purpose of compensation payment.

In Kampung Ciherang, Wadas Village, of the total 24 AHs, 18 AHs have been verified and may proceed to further process to get their compensations paid. The rest of the 6 AHs need to be verified further or have pending assignment letters.

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