Summary POLA Water Resources Management in the 6 Cis River Basin Territory, 2012

The River Basin Territory of Cidanau-Ciujung-Cidurian-Cisadane-Ciliwung-Citarum (6 Cis RBT) represents an inter-provincial river basin which managed by Center, composing of Cidanau-Ciujung-Cidurian (3 Ci) (Banten and West Java Provinces), Ciliwung-Cisadane (2 Ci) (DKI Jakarta, West Java and Banten Provinces), and Citarum (1 Ci) (West Java Province). Administratively, this river basin covers total 14 districts and 14 cities, consisting of 4 districts and 4 cities in Banten Province, 5 cities in DKI Jakarta Province, and 10 districts and 5 cities in West Java Province. Preparation of this POLA (strategic plan) refers to Ministerial Decree of Public Works. Generally preparation of this Pola is aimed to realize equal, comprehensive, and environmentally sustainable water resource management.

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