Program Component

In accordance with an integrated management principle and the objective of Water Resources Law No. 7/2004, ICWRMIP Program has been designed to implement priority activities in river basin management.  

Project components included in the investment program are selected with respect to long term strategic investment and priorities set by Citarum River Basin stakeholders through a participatory planning process. Selection criteria include: the level of importance and urgency of the planned activities; the potential contribution to an integrated water resources management; whether or not the activities may be funded by other donors or the government alone; the least possible number of implementing bodies and sectors which ADB could provide added values, or which have been partnering with the government so far.

The planned project components (outputs) are grouped into main key areas of integrated water resources management as follows:  (i) institutions and planning for integrated water resources management; (ii) water resources development and management; (iii) water sharing; (iv) environmental protection; (v) disaster management; (vi) community empowerment; (vii) data, information, and decision support system; and (viii) program management.



1. Institutions and planning for Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)

1.1    Roadmap Management

1.2    Roadmap Institutional Strengthening

1.3    Institutional Strengthening for IWRM

1.4    Spatial Planning for 6 Ci's River Basin Territory

2. Water Resources Development and Management


2.1    Rehabilitation of West Tarum Canal

2.2    Improved Land and Water Management

2.3    Support for Community and CSO Driven Initiatives for Improved Water Supply and Sanitation

2.4    Water Supply Options for Upgrading Bandung Water Sources

2.5    Feasibility Study for Upgrading Bandung Water Sources

2.6    Detailed Engineering Design for Upgrading Bandung Water Sources

3. Kebersamaan Pemanfaatan Air

1.1    Development of Key Policies and Strategies for WRM in CRB

4. Environmental Protection

4.1    Development and initial Implementation of a Basin River Quality Improvement Strategy and Action Plans

4.2    Biodeversity Conservation and Watershed Management

5. Disaster Management

5.1    Upper Citarum Basin Flood Management

5.2    Climate Change Adaption and Mitigation

6. Community Empowerment

Addressed in parallel support Technical Assistance

7. Data, Information, and Decision Support System

7.1    Decision Support System for IWRM in Citarum River Basin

8. Program Management

1.1    Program Management

1.2    Independent Monitoring and Evaluation