Expected Output

The desired impact of this investment program is that by the year 2023, poverty, health and living standards in the Citarum River Basin will be significantly improved.  This condition is achievable by decreasing the poverty level in the area in a measurable way and maintaining the area’s GDP growth at least at its 2008 level without further degrading the area’s environmental condition and with a significant improvement of its river water quality.

The proposed investment program is very comprehensive and is expected to result in a range of outcomes for the people of the basin. These will include:
(i)    Improved condition of the water catchments in the upper basin;
(ii)    Adequate quantity and good quality in streams and reservoirs;
(iii)    More reliable water supply and improved sanitation to urban centers (Including Jakarta conurbation that receives 80% of its raw water need from the Citarum River Basin via West Tarum Canal) and rural communities;
(iv)    Reduced damage and loss from flooding and other water-related disasters;
(v)    Improved agricultural outputs from more effective delivery of water for irrigation and more efficient irrigation practices; and
(vi)    More equitable and more economically efficient allocation and sharing of limited water resources.